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PSD to HTML - Custom Template Conversions

Our template conversion service is a fast-turnaround, high-quality template development service where we take your completed design(s) and turn them into fully-featured Joomla! templates.

How Long Does It Take?

Designs can vary massively in scope and complexity, so unfortunately there is no simple answer here - most will take between 2 and 10 days to complete, on average we aim to take no longer than 5 days for delivery.

How Much Does It Cost?

Again, due to the variations in requirements, we can only cost conversion work after an evaluative period where the design(s) must be submitted to us for appraisal.

Can You Advise On The Design Direction In Relation To Joomla!?

Yes, to some degree. If we think some things will work better for a template, we will give our suggestions for your consideration. Bringing a design to a more template-friendly format can be beneficial when it comes to implementing a site, and can help to keep costs down. In general though, we don't feel that Joomla! and it's templating system should compromise a design - and most if not all designs can be replicated with great accuracy.

What About Joomla's More Advanced Templating Features?

These are fully supported and, for more complex designs, often a necessity:

  • Module Chrome: Chrome allows us to completely customise the HTML construction of modules within a layout - which opens up a whole new level of customisation built right into the template itself.
  • Core Overrides: Overrides allow the template to replace the core output (modules and components) to allow fully custom HTML render methods - including table-less output and SEO pages, again, all built-in to the template.

Do You Support Joomla! 1.0?

Yes, of course - although the newer features in 1.5/1.6 allow much more freedom and is the recommended platform if at all possible. We can always convert your template to 1.5/1.6 at a later date.

Post Development Support

Is Post-Development Support Included?

Yes, absolutely! There are sometimes unforeseen template issues when you start developing your site - we will be available to fix any problems as they arise, and help you get up and running with your new template.

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