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After many weeks of designing and coding, the new ToolboxCreations website is now live! Hopefully you will all enjoy the cleanliness of the new site, we've made things much easier to use, including a much better system for handling premium template purchases - no more hefty user accounts and shopping carts - just a nice easy one-click purchase!

To celebrate the launch, we've added a few new FREE GNU/GPL templates for you to download and install on your own sites. You can download our templates here.


ToolboxFuri - Click to view demo

A lightweight, simple template with multiple collapsing module regions and a slick Mootools-powered drop-down menu system. The template has been purposely constructed to offer a solid and easy-to-modify base for your own custom design. It was originally built for the late NinjaTheme (in fact, it was at one point pencilled to be used in a Joomla book, as the example on how to build templates), so it's well constructed and commented for you.


Aurora - Click to view demo

Designed and built by NukeDesign, this hugely popular template offers a high-tech theme with multiple colour styles.


Decayed - Click to view demo

Our second offering from NukeDesign, a clean, simple and dark template with a grungy look.