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I'm always commenting on how fast time flies these days, and this month is no exception - I can't believe that we're done with one-twelfth of 2009 already.  January's been unexpectedly busy, with a couple of deadlines set for the end, plus another new site which cropped up and needed to be designed and built before the month was out.

Smart Tactics wanted a new design which was clean and to the point

The Power of Insight was the new one that slipped into the schedules in January, a service from one of our partners, Smart Tactics.  The original site wasn't too bad, but a little outdated - and because it was built entirely in Flash, not really practical to update.  Smart Tactics wanted a new design which was clean and to the point, and more importantly highlighted the three key sections of the website.  They liked the transition effects that Flash provided in the original site, so I produced something similar using Mootools and some simple image transitions - the effect is pretty cool and works well.

The design took a while to polish until we were both satisfied, but it stitched together nicely in Joomla! and looks even better in the final, live site.  I even got my hands dirty in Flash to modify the embedded video so that it fit seamlessly into it's very own module position...something I enjoy doing, but never seem to have the time to get too involved with unfortunately.

Next up is a project I've been working on for a few months now - White Rhino Event Solutions - a SOBI2-powered site which showcases different corporate event solutions.  Given the awesome flexibility of SOBI2 and the customisation options, it was a perfect fit for what was needed...I love this component!  Definitely one of my favourites anyway.   Most of the site content is embedded in the directory, we even added some custom bits in there to forward to some custom enquiry forms, a "Bookmark this page" button, and a "tell a friend" feature.   We also embedded the gallery with Shadowbox pop-ups into each listing - looks quite simple but there's quite a bit going on under the hood.

Once again the site feaures a custom-designed template created by us.

And finally, just yesterday I finished up work on OVS Direct sister-site OVS Trade - a car dealer listing site for the part-exchanged stock that the company deals with.  Again, the site is using the rather excellent EZ Autos vehicle listing component, all running under the Joomla! 1.0 fork A8E, to give us that semantic, table-less core output that normal Joomla! simply cannot do. we go full-speed into the second month of this New Year, and with plenty of new and exciting projects coming up - looks like my break will need to wait...again!