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The Joomla! template club market certainly isn't short of some talent - with top players like RocketTheme, Joomlart and YOOtheme there's plenty to choose from.  NinjaTheme has the backing of several experienced developers from the NinjaForge stable, so promises some exciting features in the future - as well as the fresh set of design styles, we can look forward to integrated themes for NF components, plus support for popular 3rd party add-ons such as MyBlog and VirtueMart.

But most interestingly is the Crowdsourcing idea behind each month's template...

Each month members will be invited to submit their designs

Each month members will be invited to submit their designs, based on a certain theme - for the launch month, the theme is "A travel site".  This will almost certainly make for a varied and targetted range of templates (once the portfolio is built-up), with the added bonus of having a world-wide diversity in the designs that, so far, simply hasn't happened with the other clubs.  As if having your design built into a template for everyone to see wasn't enough, NT are also offering a cash prizes, and memberships to it's clubs for the winners.

All of us in the Ninja Theme team have spent long hours working with and looking at hundreds if not thousands of different templates from the various Joomla Template clubs, and we noticed that after a while a particular club's templates start to all look alike. Because they use the same designers over and over every month, even wildly different themes have the same basic feel to them.

It's a great concept, and I for one am eager to see how things pan out...I'm also a member of the dev team, so will no doubt get the chance to piece some of the future designs together as well as creating new designs for "bonus" templates.

The license model of the club makes for much more freedom - basically allowing installation on any number of sites, making memberships far more appealing and great value for money.

This month's deadline is looming (end of January) - so if you want to have a go at winning, submit your design to NinjaTheme and see if you get lucky!