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Article Search with Exclusions plug-in for Joomla 1.5

Have you ever wanted to exclude one or more Joomla sections or categories from the built-in article search engine in Joomla 1.5? I have, several times in fact.


I recently asked the following K2 question via Twitter:

Twitter Status

I guess I was hoping that this functionality was something that I'd missed in the module configuration somewhere; seems like a pretty obvious requirement, especially if you have parent categories setup for very different purposes, each with their own set of sub-categories (like, a news section or a blog with several sub-category subjects).

It stands to reason that such a requirement would be quite necessary, but when I didn't get an answer to my Tweet, it dawned on me that this functionality was overlooked (or perhaps not thought of) by the K2 developers.



After many weeks of designing and coding, the new ToolboxCreations website is now live! Hopefully you will all enjoy the cleanliness of the new site, we've made things much easier to use, including a much better system for handling premium template purchases - no more hefty user accounts and shopping carts - just a nice easy one-click purchase!


Scheduling a MySQL Database Backup on your VPS

The following guide will show you how to create and schedule a Bash server script in order to backup MySQL databases on your VPS or dedicated server.  Please note that different server configurations may require slightly different commands to those shown.  Please BACKUP EVERYTHING before proceeding, and use the following information at your own risk!


Joining the Ranks: Abolishing IE6

Several months ago I read a post on template club YOOtheme's forums where one of the dev team was getting feedback from club members about potentially removing support for IE6 in the club's templates.  This was at a time when IE7 hadn't been around very long, and the feedback was unsurprisingly against the idea.